How to apply?

After checking the list of planned seminars, refer to this page to prepare your Summer Seminars application. Note that participation is free. IES and its partners provide housing and meals during the seminar. Travel expenses are not covered.

Overview of the application process – Please Read Carefully!

(1) – New to IES? Create an account.

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You can log in using your Facebook or Google Account or you can click on Register and create a new one. You just need to fill in your information, click on Sign up and wait for the confirmation email to arrive in your email inbox (you might want to check your spam as well). Click on the confirmation link and insert the activation key.

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Fill in the application form

You will be asked to fill in some information about yourself (name, email address, physical address, date of birth, a picture of yourself), your educational background and to answer a few questions. You also need to select the seminars you are interested in attending.
Please, also have your CV ready as you will need to upload that too.

Here are the questions:(

  1. In 200 words or fewer, please describe your career goals and the concrete steps you are currently taking to accomplish them.
  2. In 200 words or fewer, what roles or functions do you think governments should provide for society? Name two intellectual influences on your political, economic, or ethical thought. In one to two sentences for each, how have they influenced your beliefs?
  3. In 200 words or less, please describe your interest in classical liberal ideas and how they relate to your own research or career plans.

Because of “time-out” problems during the submission of long documents, write your essays BEFORE with a text editor (Word, Notepad etc.) and THEN copy / paste them in the appropriate field. Submit.

A message in green at the bottom of the page says “Thank you for submitting your application!”.


– Personal essays MUST be of the required number of words more or less 10 %.
– Essays MUST be personal and are systematicaly checked. 
Copy-pasted material from the Internet will lead to the immediate, irrevocable rejection of your application.